Wednesday, August 15, 2012


As defined by the Hawaiian dictionary is an intimate friend. 

Well, i certainly hope to have a better relationship with this bike than my last! We didn't see much of each other and when we did i felt like i put more into the relationship then he did.  

Found this cutie at a garage sale and just felt compelled to bring him home. What's not to love i mean it has white walls and great vintage styling and a red and black color scheme. What do you guys think?  I told Cliff i wanted a basket on the front so i can got to the store and put things in it and he said next thing you know i would have streamers hanging from the handles. 


  1. And a Bell, I hope!
    It better be a really BIG basket......

  2. That is one cool looking bike! I was just thinking this week about putting a basket on the front of my bike for the same reason. Although, we could be "sporty" or "athletic" if, perhaps, we use official panniers. =)

  3. Thanks LSS,
    it is an attention getter that's for sure. I am not very "sporty" or "athletic" so it looks like a geeky basket it the best i can do.

    Heading over to check out your blog!