Monday, October 15, 2012

Meme & Pepe

I pass this photograph, this piece of history everyday of my life and yet i hardly give it a second thought until today.  I was talking to Cameron about the history of photography and how folks had to sit still for a long time in order for a photo to be taken when i suddenly remembered this photograph.  

This is my mom's Meme & Pepe (her maternal grandparents) and i have seen it on an off my whole life but today i really wanted to know more about it so i called my mom for a bit of history.  I never met Meme but remember my Pepe and the life lesson's he taught my mom, a language barrier prevented him from telling the stories to me himself.

According to her the photograph is now 70 years old and was actually 2 photographs taken and spliced together and retouched to create this one.  Pepe & Meme were about 60 years old at the time putting their birth years in the early 1880's. 

My mom was raised by these wonderful people and during a visit from her father and mother a fight ensued (which was common place when the families got together) and her father threw a handful of mashed potatoes at the photograph.  Luckily they were able to get the potatoes off and now it hangs in my "SheCave" potato free! 

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