Monday, March 21, 2011

Color Management

Started out my day pretty much the way it ended - working with color! (Of course I am blanking out the very first thing i did this morning which was to get a cortisone shot in my elbow - yikes.) Lucky for me my next stop was Sherwin Williams where i browsed the color samples and picked out a few to add to the ones i found the other day for a possible color for our Boudoir!

I love color, and Andi, you got me thinking when you asked the question where do we find our inspiration. I had told you food which i frequently draw from, yes the paint in my Boudoir right now is a deeelicious chocolatey brown almost edible - one more loose screw and i could have licked the stir stick the day i painted. But i do find inspiration in everything i look at whether it is a combination of colors or how a color might makes me feel. I typically repaint my rooms every two to three years because there are so many great colors out there and so few walls to paint. Sometimes i grab color swatches first on visual appeal, but then sometimes you get lucky and get a great name too. The choices i most like for the Boudoir are of course "Boudoir Blue", "Innuendo" and "Dazzle" - i just love those names. When i painted the living room last week Autumn asked me why i chose the color i did with a stifled giggle to which i answered " Autumn i picked this color so that when your friends come over i could say, girls do you like the new color in the living room, it's "Pussywillow". She was not thrilled!

Ended the day much on the same note, i took a color management webinar for calibrating your color spaces on your monitor and printing sources.

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  1. Mmmmm, chocolate.

    Great. Now I want some. I'm just glad I don't sleep in a chocolate room. It would suck! :)