Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Piece of History

This funky Kennedy head has been in my memories for as long as i can remember. I first remember it on the mantle at my grandma's house where it appeared in countless photos over the years. When my grandma passed it moved to my aunt's house who put it on her mantle where again it became part of the fabric of my life. Recently when my aunt passed it was passed onto me to become part of my families history. It's the metaphoric "fly on the wall", can you imagine the stories he would tell if he could.

Do you have any quirky items that have been around for years?

On a completely unrelated note i received news today that an old friend had passed away, he was involved in an accident and had contracted an infection, but it occurred to me that when i get news like that i always feel a tinge of regret. Not the kind of regret you have for the things you had done but more so the regret for the things you haven't done. In this case a request was made by a relative of his that he wanted some old photos that i had and while i did in fact gather some up i never got around to giving them to her to give to him. Such a small request in the scheme of things but yet i never did it.

This is the type of thing i am hoping to change this year to live in a way that i will have fewer moments of this regret for the things i have NOT done.

Which brings me to yet another one of my favorite quotes:

"I'd rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven't ." Lucille Ball

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