Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jesus saves and so do I . . .

unfortunately that isn't even enough sometimes. I found my External Hard Drive acting up today and found myself in a near meltdown situation. Everything i do is on that XHD, everything. In an effort to stave off panic i went out and bought a new one so that i can start saving anything that might be at risk and see if i can start fresh tomorrow and maybe transfer some of the files to the new XHD. All of this having nadda to do with the kick ass photo i came upon today. We have had a ton of rain and one of the places that frequently intrigues me are the golf courses in the area, on the way home from (ah here is the connection to the above story) getting my new XHD i came to a screeching halt and hung a right into Burning Tree Golf Course. Obviously the flood waters and some not quite in bloom trees created some fantastic opportunities and i wasn't about to let my rough day rob me of such a cool shot.


  1. Holy Crap. I hope the rain has stopped. I also hope the technology crisis has been solved!

  2. solved no, but i am moving forward no time for a break down at the moment!

  3. Love this photo, great job!