Monday, May 16, 2011

One Purple Pansy!

When my childhood home in Sterling Heights was sold i was not really effected by it, probably the age i was played a part in it, i thought i was onto bigger and better things. But when my parents sold the house they lived in on North River Road i felt like i was losing the one house that really held some great memories, i did not live there for long and i always came with some baggage, a kid in tow and as my mother put it a box of f'ing tupperware! This house is where i told my parents that i was going to be a mother and the house where they first became grandparents and after all isn't a grandparents house always a magical place. It is the only house Crystal ever knew as Meme & Papa's house and she did a lot of growing and playing in that old house. She even ran away one day when she got fed up with me, a bag of cheese and probably a book in her hands, she only made it 100 yards but she looked so little on the hills in front of Markley Marina next door. One day when i was feeling sentimental i decided to drive past the old house, by this time it had been torn down but i needed to be in that familiar place. I pulled up and parked and the space that once seemed so big was now just a small empty lot. Just before i got back in my car i looked down and one lonely pansy was staring at me, one little sign of life in what was now a barren reminder the the house i loved was no longer there. I took my car key and dug up that little flower and the clump of dirt it was clinging to and took it home to my house and planted it by my pond. Now each year when that pansy comes up i am reminded of that old house and how if given a chance your memories will continue to grow and multiply much like that one purple pansy.

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