Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm on a boat....

It has been some time since i had an opportunity to go out on a boat and hang in the sun all day, what a blast.  It was a little cramped i mean sheesh how many people can you really fit on a 42 foot boat!

photo 1 : Genene & Sue
photo 2 : Cliff took this one of me right as the wind caught my hair - just thought it was cool.
photo 3 : cliffie and the view in his glasses
photo 4 : Virginia still has it - that's right she can still do the splits - she probably won't be able to walk tomorrow, but today she is a rock star.
photo 5 : Cliffie coming out of the water
photo 6 : Tyler and Rob
photo 7 : and after we got home cliff saw smoke in the sky so i followed it to this fire near my house.

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