Friday, July 8, 2011

Obsession, Addiction or Collection?

Well, by definition all of the above!  Is love to strong of a word for an inanimate object, no, okay then i LOVE Converse!  Last night i picked up a new pair that were on clearance at Target (trifecta - Target, Clearance, Converse).  This makes 5 pairs in rotation and one pair retired - i would have saved the first pair to hang from my rear view mirror but as you all know i have big feet and that surely would have caused great bodily harm if i had to break hard and they swung off.  I am currently eyeballing a pair of Navy/Denim ones at Famous Footwear and if i ever win the lottery watch out Red, White & Blue Flag motif Converse you are mine.

Some of you may know about my Converse Project - i am photographing people in their Converse for a future blog/book or ad campaign LOL.

Have a pair of Converse and want to be photographed, let me know!

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