Sunday, January 26, 2014

Divine Intervention

As a believer of signs and such I was more than thrilled to find this little statue in the dresser I bought yesterday.  

My mother loves the Saints and little religious statues and has even mail ordered the patron Saint for gambling because one can never have to many people Godly or otherwise on your side when you are gambling.

Joseph and Jesus (i think, someone correct me if I am wrong) first appeared when i was checking out the dresser to see if it was sturdy and of course upon laying on eyes on them I realized this was a sign to buy this dresser. 

If you recall some time had passed from the initial viewing of the dresser and my subsequent trip back to get it and bring it home. When we did get home i was so excited and I wanted to show Cliff my little bonus and pulled open the drawer only to discover that they were gone.  Well I was disappointed but quickly came to the conclusion that someone there at the Salvation Army needed it more than I did and moved on.  

Well since I was on an accelerated pace to "git 'er done" I was ripping things apart left and right when who should appear again, yep Joseph and Jesus!

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