Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pulaski, Tennessee

No trip to Pulaski (or the surrounding area) would be complete without a trip to Sharp Motors. What, you don't stop by the local dealership when traveling out of town? Well i had to meet everyone Meme has come in contact with and since they just bought a truck that meant that i would be visiting Sharp Motors. Actually the building was very old and had some wonderful old gas pumps in it as well as several classic Mustangs so it was worth the visit.

Another stop included the local radio station WKSR where i got to meet Butch Menefee, the afternoon DJ who was kind enough to let Meme pose for a shot in studio.

At this time of year you can find a "Tattie Bogel" in front of many of the business! What is a Tattie Bogel you ask, duh it's Gaelic for Scarecrow, why a small town in Tennessee is using Gaelic terms is beyond me, but the idea was cute and a great photo op.

Lunch today was at Krystal, where i enjoyed a Butter Chicken Sandwhich and some deep fried Cinnamon balls.

Seems everytime i visit i get a stare down from a cow or bull, here's lookin' at you kid.

Surely this rates up there with some of the most unusual sights, we came upon a well maintained lot with several old chevy trucks and this Chevy Planterrrr.... ahh Chevy truck with a tree growing out of the empty engine compartment. If you ask me it is brilliant, now no one can come by and steal it, with the exception of a lumber jack.

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