Monday, October 3, 2011

Is that a big lens or are you just happy to see me?

You know how it is when you are some where and someone or something catches your eye from across the room?  Well i am sure for most women it would be beautiful eyes or bulging .............. biceps, but for me nothing gets me flying across a room to talk to someone faster than a big............... lens!  That's right contrary to popular belief size does matter and let me tell you if i see you wielding a beauty like this it is on like donkey kong.  All jokes aside i want to say thank you to Angel for letting me borrow her "big" lens today.

What is your dream lens?

How cool is my living room wall?


  1. OMG I want that lens. What's the focal length? Mike is wanting a 500mm or his wildlife pics, it's on his wish list.

  2. It is a 100-400 and today had to return it but before i did i shot some photos on the side of the road and while shoot at some leaves over 30 feet away and about 15 feet in the air i could see a bug crawling on a leaf.