Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life is Good!

Well today was my birthday and i must be getting wiser in my old age, because the simple pleasures really do mean the world to me. Life is good and i had a wonderful day.

I had a many calls, texts, and FaceBook messages wishing me a happy birthday followed by a surprise visit from my dad and then a wonderful lunch with a friend.

When i came home i had a little surprise from another friend, some hand made goodies:

An adorable little zippered pouch to stash goodies in my purse with my current favorite color orange fabric and a wonderful number print fabric. (who doesn't love number print fabric?)

Two funky, lime green, peace sign wash clothes!

And Autumn not to be out done in the homemade department while simultaneously trying to capture the coveted award of being the most photographed person on my blog, made me some delish red velvet cake balls drizzled with buttercream frosting.

One final attempt to be in the blog hall of fame for number of times photographed here is Autumn trying to capture the overall feeling of today's festivities, which appear to be pure joy.


  1. Love it! You go Autumn :) I'm glad you enjoyed lunch, you deserve to be pampered on your special day because you are a great friend.

  2. So glad you had a happy day!