Monday, March 26, 2012

Morning Meeting

Since January this has been where most of my mornings start. I am not sure if i look worse going in or coming out and i won't be telling a great weight loss story anytime soon, but what i have gained from these morning meetings has been priceless!  

What is this you ask? A tiny little cupcake Crystal brought home from NYC, hey a girl can't live on exercise alone. Why so many empty spots in this brand new box of cupcakes? Never you mind, nothing to see here.


  1. Good for you, keep it up. Funny, I took my camera to the gym the other day but didn't take a photo. I'll be doing the same thing on my blog!! Great minds think alike.

  2. You are Amazing! So much willpower...AND YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!

  3. Why thank you! Who reminds me to take my vitamins and encourages me to work out almost every day, that's right. . . . you do.