Thursday, June 23, 2011

American Woman


One of my favorite iconic symbols is the American Flag! I love it's red, white and blue loveliness and what it represents. Over the past few days i have been creating this scrap wood American Flag. Last year i was going to buy one at the Lavender Festival but of course i thought to myself "I can make that" so that is exactly what i did. I did want it to be a bit more rustic looking but i have decided to let the weather take care of that for me!


  1. Claudette - That is awesome! I like this one even better than the one at Pottery Barn! NICE! I love the 4th of July and all things regarding our flag. I found you via Better After and just had to come and say, "Super job!" Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Love it......Such a great job you did on your personal version of Old Glory!
    You sure did inspire Tim to create his own version....big thanks to your Hunka Burning Love for the help with the hanging!

  3. Tracy thank you - for the kind words - hope your holiday was "explosive"!

    Sharon it was his pleasure!

  4. Greetings from Tunisia! Saw your flag on "Better After" and just wanted to say that it's really neat! I think you're right--the weather will "weather" it.
    best, nadia

  5. Nadia glad you like my flag, i love that with the internet someone around the world can enjoy something i created in my garage!