Thursday, June 9, 2011


In my continuing effort to cut down on clutter i started yet another project, the reorganization of the laundry room. It is always a scary thing to open up a box from the past because it could lead to hours of nostalgia as i paw through items from days gone by. Well upon opening a box labeled Crystal's old things i found a few things that made me think .....wait for it......"hey that would make a great photo prop". One such item was this very clever toy that i found myself anxious to play with again. This cool virtually indestructible Shape-O toy was made by Tupperware and i remember opening it up over and over while crystal would put the correct shapes in their matching holes. It is almost 25 years old and i put it in my photo props so that future generations could enjoy it too.

What were some of your favorite toys, or perhaps the toys your kids liked to play with?
I see a whole photo series in my future!

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