Saturday, June 25, 2011

CMU Bound!

We celebrated my oldest niece Chelsea's graduation today!  The weather held and it was a beautiful day and wonderful party. Because she has been accepted to Central Michigan University, my brothers Alma Mater, many of the decorations were CMU themed.  Some of you may remember a post a while back where i was "cracking down on clutter" well it was on this day that i ran across this old CMU jogging suit of Crystal's!  An idea was born and i dressed her old Pooh bear in the outfit and put it out amongst the decorations.  Huncle Paul, as Crystal once dubbed her Uncle Paul bought this outfit for her when she was a baby. Paul also planted flowers in the letters C-M-U. Are her parents proud of her, you bet!

Photo 1 - Crystal, Huncle Paul & CMU Pooh
Photo 2 - Crystal, Chelsea & CMU Pooh
Photo 2 - CMU flowers

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