Monday, June 20, 2011

Lunch with the CraigsList Killer?

Seriously that is what my calendar said today. This joke of sorts started about 2 weeks ago when i exchanged a series of emails with a gal who wanted to by an item from me that i forgot to take off C.L. when it sold. Like i said we exchanged a few emails and it seemed we had a lot in common so i would tell cliff about the emails and his response to my strange behavior was "oh she's probably a stalker"! Let's face it there are some very strange people out there and a bunch of them have found their way to C.L., but my gogo gadget senses were telling me that this lady was nice enough and we decided to meet for lunch today at Chilli's, so i marked my calendar "lunch with the CraigsList killer" in the event that she did turn out to be crazy and kill me in a public place, the evidence would be on my computer! Well i am happy to report that Donna (the C.L. killer) is delightful and i am still alive. She brought me a cucumber plant - which ironically i have not been able to find at the 3 locations i have gone to buy my garden plants and i gave her a bag of lets say "findings" (err ahh junk) she is an artist and loves to create from found items, guess it beats filling up the landfills.

Any hooo while out on that side of town i couldn't help but stop by and take a photo of the Octagon House.

Who remembers the Octagon House from when they were a kid, didn't it seem like it was soooo far away?

The last photo is a teaser for a project i am working on with some help from cliff, care to guess?

UPDATE: i added more photos to June 13, 2011 post "Art Meets Function" my camera died that day and i was down in the Clem today so i took some more, plus from what i understand they have recently been painted so some may even be new from last week.

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