Friday, September 16, 2011

Down in the "D"

Went to the "D" tonight and i find myself completely in love with the city and it's urban landscape. The beautiful colors of graffiti, red brick, architecture rich in character unrivaled by today's buildings and as always the characters you see along the way.  As i stepped into the Guardian Building i felt like i was stepping into a wonderland, i could'nt crane my neck back far enough to take it all in. Oh and the smells, at least where i spent a good chunk of my time near greek town, are just delish! 

On a side note the graffiti i photographed today remained virtually untouched from the last time i photographed it a couple of years ago, it's as if there is a code even among street artist to not destroy someone else's work.

What's your take on Graffiti is is art or vandalism?

How about Detroit, love it or hate it, why?


  1. I like going to Detroit, because it's a quick road trip from where I live (Toledo, OH). I really do hope it experiences a revival, considering how historically and culturally rich the city once was. As for graffiti, I respect it as an art form, most definitely. But I guess when it's considered vandalism, I don't like it as much... although I doubt I'd consider it vandalism in Detroit since there are many vacant buildings that won't be used any time soon. So I guess I'm on the fence about it, lol.

  2. i get what you are saying about being on the fence - clearly the are the photo about was shot i consider art - it is on the side of a bldg in an alley and i think it really ads beauty to the area - on the other side of the fence i thing it is a shame when someone paints some obscenity across a wall just for the hell of it, that is not art.