Monday, September 5, 2011

Sassy to Classy

This has been one of the craftiest most productive weekends i have had in quite some time. It started with a dresser re-do for Crystal's new room in her new house out in Kzoo. She picked out a grey she liked and asked if i would repaint a few things for her.  Well the dresser was already a re-do we had painted it purple when she was 16 but now we needed this dresser to match her more grown up style and age, (25 on the 24 of this month, oh mumma) I loved how the new color looked but felt like i wanted to kick it up a notch so i added a cool Statue of Liberty decal that we have had but couldn't commit to hanging up anywhere because she has been on the move. Wowza, did i love it.

Ah, but the craftiness didn't end there - i also painted her "night light night stand", two kiddie chairs (which will be photo props) and three signs which will be used as photo props as well. The "crime scene" as it ended up was actually the "man cave" and was only in use because cliff was gone for part of the weekend. 

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  1. I love the new design on the dresser. So modern and personal. Where did you get the legs for it?