Tuesday, September 27, 2011


There's a storm a brewnin' and it's not on any weather map, it's happening inside my house right now.  The "Crack down on Clutter Campaign" is still in full force and in addition to that i am working on creating a better functioning studio downstairs as well as a bedroom makeover. Of course i had to clean my room so that i could take BEFORE photos because don't you love to look at a before and after photo of a remodel?  Didn't get outside much today except for a quick trip to JoAnn's but i did step out long enough to capture this red leaf, i love all the colors fall but am partial to the red leaves.

What is your favorite part of fall, the colors, the clothes or the crisp weather?


  1. why thank you - but what is going on with my tree that the leaves have those black dots, these trees are already replacing ash trees that had to be removed.