Thursday, September 29, 2011

House Style

I love my house, mostly because of the people and things in it but i have to say it does not really represent my "House Style".  I have always love old homes with character, beautiful wood work and big porches.  I love to image what the homes must look like on the inside and what is in the attic. I have passed this green house in Mt. Clemens many times and i always remark how much i like it, so today i took a photo of it. I used to shoot photos for the real estate industry and had the opportunity to peruse some very cool homes but i am constantly intrigued by homes and if you own a beauty like this don't be surprised if i come knocking on your door one day asking if i can take a peek.

What is your home style?
What would you say if someone came up to your home and wanted to see the inside?


  1. I'm like you, love older homes and intrigued by the antiques that are just sitting inside. I'm torn between older homes with wrap around porces to the larger newer homes. I must have curb appeal right from the start. If someone came to my door and asked if they could look inside, I would probably think they are wierd and turn them away!

  2. One time at a barn sale i was chatting with the home owner and she took for a tour through her beautiful farm house. But the most meaningful trip through a house was when i went to Montreal with my mom a few years ago and we were able to go thru her old apartment - 3 young girls lived there and i was very young the last time i was there. I had sent a message in French in English to them ahead of time but the mail was so slow we arrived before the letter, they were gracious enough to let us in anyway.