Sunday, September 25, 2011

One With Nature

Just felt like i had to soak up some of the great outdoors today because i know what is just around the corner, shhhhhh don't mention it.  So after my session with a great family i took a few shots around the park and then i checked out the Cemetery across the street.  I love to walk around a Cemetery and look at the dates on the grave stones, love the history there.

Do you think it is weird to spend time in a cemetery?
Do you find it interesting or scary?


  1. This is funny Claudette, because Dave & I were doing the same thing as you on the same day!!!! Weird actually! I got some great shots too. We were on a drive with our "ghost tour" book and took a drive down 3rd Ave in downtown Franklin, Lol. I love that stuff. I find that cemetaries are usually very peacful places.

  2. Yep i agree - i actually stopped a few times just to listen to the silence! That is funny - where did you get a ghost tour book from?